Wednesday, March 26, 2008

vintage sunglasses

did you know it was whimsical wednesday? i didn't either until i woke up this morning. but i like it.

the most whimsical piece i want for my spring/summer wardrobe is a pair of vintage sunglasses. wonderfully, wacky vintage sunglasses. i have scoured ebay and posted my favorites below.

the round

these glasses are relatively plain. i really like the round silhouette because it is drastically different from all those wayfarer glasses from the 80s out there.

the square

the unexpected pop of color and pattern make these glasses exciting. *i love the green and yellow christian dior shades. this is exactly what i am looking for.*

the octagonal

i love the unusual shape. and the clear plastic. these are great statement pieces.

the printed

what a great way to brighten up a simple black dress. yes, please! one of each!

the pearly

i really think the chrome glasses on the left are my favorites. they would be blinding in the sunshine...and the ocean colored inlays are great. and the valentino glasses on the right are made to look like carved sumptuous!

the broken handle

how wonderfully kooky! i love them.

let me know if you win any of these. *and i will be bidding on the chrome glasses so be nice to me!*

happy bidding!


Krissy said...

I love the green/yellow dior ones too!

I did not know this until today, but have you seen the Risky Business sunglasses at Fred Flare? hehe! Apparently they are quite popular!

The Clothes Horse said...

These are some ridiculously cool frames. At first I thought you owned them all (because I looked before I read!), glad to know I don't have to be turning green with envy!

Sally Jane said...

What a fun summer accessory. I've been wearing the same sunglasses for two years. Maybe it's time to update!