Friday, March 21, 2008

food-centric friday

i did it!!! i came up with a blogging day of the week without even thinking about it.

*mainly because i think about food all the time...*

i have really been craving steak and guinness pies recently. and i don't think i am the only one, as i have noticed an influx of postings on my favorite foodie website, tastespotting. really any savory pie would do...onion and cheese...beef pot pie...but steak and guinness is really what i have needing.i guess it may have been over a year ago that my friend introduced me to the tuck shop. it is a tiny austrailan cafe, of sorts, that specializes *and almost exclusively serves* meat pies. they are always warm and friendly and the steak and guinness pie hits the spot every time.

this is my go-to choice when ordering...but it may not be available depending on the time of day. they bake their pies a couple of times throughout the day and then when they run out, they are gone. this makes the visit even more exciting because i never know what i'm going to be eating. and if i actually get a steak pie it's like winning the lottery.

because of their fresh daily pies mantra, every one i have ever tasted has been amazing. chicken curry, chili with pico de gallo, lamb with's all good. and even better than their pies is the fact that on friday and saturday they are open to 5 am. *and they are just off my train line going home.*

i recommend the tuck shop 100% to anyone in a 30 minute radius. let me know if you try it!

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