Thursday, March 13, 2008

it's always something

i've been told that new york women are always looking for either a boyfriend, a job, or an apartment. *okay okay so i heard it on sex and the city...but it seems totally true.* i have all three right now and consider myself pretty fortunate because they are all amazing, as illustrated below.

my gorgeous boyfriend at rockaway beach.

the money here represents my job...because i have no photos yet.

my amazing place.

so i should be happy right? nope. oddly enough when i woke up this morning i was itching to move. i typed in my usual search on i found loads of places, some even had exposed brick and were really lofts instead of railroad apartments but all were dangerously far away from manhattan. it just doesn't make the move feasable right now. i need to move closer to manhattan or stay the same distance i am now and upgrade.


might i add...washer, dryer, dishwasher, storage loft, outdoor space, prime billyburg location. if only i could swing just under 3000 a month...if only if only.

"if only me auntie had bollocks she'd be me uncle." - david brent

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