Thursday, March 20, 2008

birthday review: aught eight

i got a call from robert as i got off the subway. the east village location of la palapa was closed for renovations. i was totally bummed, as that was the first stop on our village wide tour. i suggested we look for another happy hour on st. marks...because there were bound to be some great ones we had not tried. he told me there was a bus going to the west village location. a bus?

left to right: jan, me, chris, robert.

*cue house mix and disco lights*


it was so completely surreal.

because it was at the very beginning of happy hour the bus was empty. it was just me, my honey, and a sweetly crazy old woman. and of course the dj. and a cocktail waitress. but that was it.

they gave us margaritas and played/sung happy birthday for me.

because it was the very beginning of happy hour i had not had a cocktail yet. and it was still daylight. so there was no dancing for me. but the old lady got down. and y'all...the beats was thumpin'.

me with the old lady...did i mention she was dressed like a fisherman?

we met up with people at the other palapa and indulged in the delicious, half price margaritas. the bus ride back to the east village was completely different.

we danced all the way.

on to the continental.

this bar was roomy, divey, and awesomely cheap. good times were had by all.

left to right: me, gigi, bill, chris

we drank excessive amounts of whisky and generally partied like rock stars.

my honey being ridiculous...and ridiculously drunk!

we developed a mean on to the tuck shop.

me and duke. photo taken just before we devoured our steak and guinness pies. yum!
it was amazing. as it always is. and the dude gave me a free beer cause it was my birthday!

we never made it to pomme frites, which is sad...but probably a smart move on our part. as soon as i finished my meat pie we hopped in a cab and headed home.

it was an amazing night. i am pretty miserable this morning...but i don't regret it at all.

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Robert Murray said...

I wish I knew what I was saying so loudly in that photo...