Wednesday, December 22, 2010

looking for some warmth

recently, i've posted a couple of warm weather dresses (even though it's the beginning of winter here in brooklyn). i just can't help daydreaming about leaving this cold, windy city and finding a warm spot somewhere to do nothing for a while. decadent, luxurious, wonderful nothing.

so, i bring you more warm weather dresses from ebay just in case you're going on a tropical holiday and need to look amazing. (also, please take me with you...)

the maldives

beautifully printed, comfy, crisp cotton to wear while lounging on the hammock of your private villa ON the indian ocean. which, btw, is the exact color of that first skirt.


so i know it's still illegal for american's to visit cuba, but there's got to be some way around it. once i figure it out, i'm packing all the brightly colored, sheer layered dresses i can into a suitcase and heading to old havana!


black is cool. sheer, lacy black is even cooler. these vintage dresses have just the right amount of edge to look hip and urban in a warm australian metropolis.


when in hawaii, one must dress head to toe in flowers. there's just no two ways about it.

happy bidding!

ebay dress of the day

today's dress is absolutely gorgeous. the sparkly brocade is perfect for the holiday season, but could easily transition into early spring. also, i kind of want to see it layered with some more casual pieces. like, a cute crew neck sweater underneath and ribbed sweater tights. just imagine!

price: $82.00
bids: 8
end time: december 22th, 9:50 pm EST

happy bidding!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ebay dress of the day

this dress is so perfect for new year's eve. i love the large pailettes stripes so much! the dress is union-made from the 60s and seems to still be in amazing condition. while horizontal stripes are difficult to pull off, the right girl would look amazing in this dress. also, the measurements are a bit bigger, so depending on how you want it to fit, it works on lots of different figures.

price: $19.99
bids: 0
end time: december 21th, 9:11 pm EST

happy bidding!

Monday, December 20, 2010

two new finds

it has actually been a very long time since i've purchased a dress on ebay. i've been trying to simplify my life and the first thing to get scrutinized was my closet. i got rid of a lot of stuff, but i just couldn't bring myself to get rid of any of my vintage dresses. so, in order to keep my closet manageable and still hold on to my treasures, i stopped buying things on ebay.

however, since starting this blog up again, i've been spending a good amount of my free time perusing ebay to find the best pieces to show you. sometimes i just can't muster enough will power to say no when i chance upon the perfect little something. take these two dresses for example:

the polka dot dress fits me like a dream. it's a thick poly, union-made dress from the 60s and is fully lined (including the two pockets on the front of the dress!). the quality is impeccable and the dress is certainly a head turner...just don't look too long or you'll go cross-eyed. (i only think it a little odd that this is something that makes me like a dress more...)

the teal number is stunning on. it is also a poly fabric, but is much lighter and silkier than the first dress. the empire bust is super flattering and the skirt just gracefully flows all the way down to my ankles. oh, AND IT HAS A HOOD! it makes me feel like a badass-medieval-princess-assassin and it's super fun!

the very best part??? i got both dresses for a total of $50.

now i ask you, how could i resist?

ebay dress of the day

it's very very cold here in brooklyn and the dress today is exactly what i want to be wearing right now...on a tropical island in the south pacific. don't get me wrong, i love layers and chunky knits, velvet and corduroy, toboggans and galoshes, but in my daydreams, this is the dress i wear.

price: $14.99
bids: 0
end time: december 20th, 8:50 pm EST

happy bidding!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ebay dress of the day

so i think the dress today is going to need a little bit of explaining - or styling rather. before i do that, take a look:

price: $24.00
bids: 0
end time: december 16th, 1:04 am EST

at first glance, it is a fury of color and pattern, and while i'm naturally drawn to that, i understand others aren't. BUT, i believe this dress could happily live and be worn in every woman's wardrobe, with a few considerations. the cut, fabric and condition are fabulous, so it just comes down to being comfortable with the color and print. here's what i think you could do:

  1. wear it under a fitted black blazer with black tights and boots. if it's the only color you're wearing and part of it is covered, this dress will look much less outrageous. (also, that ascot is just begging to be tied in a big bow. it would be adorable poking out above the blazer's collar and you would need to wear a necklace!)
  2. pair it with a high-waisted black (leather, ooooh) pencil skirt. this dress could easily be worn as a top if the skirt is long enough to cover the hem. and again, the less you show of the actual dress, the less crazy it will look.
  3. hike up the hemline. i feel like you can get away with more vivacious color if the dress is shorter. take this dress to a tailor and have a couple of inches chopped off. then wear it as a tunic with jeans or leggings or a cute mini with tights.
  4. wear it under a long, neutral colored sweater coat or fitted crew neck. this is the same idea as the blazer, but the knit would make it look more casual.
  5. or, just wear it as a dress. i think it's pretty fantastic exactly the way it is!
happy bidding!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

maxis for new year's eve

so, as i said yesterday, i'm kind of in love with the idea of wearing a long flowy maxi dress on new year's eve. see my picks below for a lengthy lovely to wear to any type of nye bash this year.

party like it's 1979

these metallic, pleated dresses just scream new year's. and disco. DISCO NEW YEAR'S!

an angelic affair

the sheer, flowing sleeves on these dresses make them sweet, while the plunging necklines make them racy. perfect party wear balance!

boho fete

creamy dreamy. flowy snowy. arty party.

trippy times square

stand out with the fireworks in unexpected colors on nye. i especially love that coral. it's bold, but you can rock it!

an intimate gathering

i just love the layers of texture that both of these otherwise sheer dresses have. chunky metallic knit! burnt out gold velvet!!! i think a costume change at midnight is in order.

ebay dress of the day

okay, so this dress COULD be a holiday dress, but it's a stretch. still, one of the cutest dresses i've seen for a while.

price: $19.99
bids: 0
end time: december 14th, 9:30 pm EST

happy bidding.

Monday, December 13, 2010

ebay dress of the day

this is another knock-your-socks-off new year's eve dress. i guess i'm loving white maxi dresses for the new year!

as always, click on the photo to get to the auction.

price: $50.00
bids: 6
end time: december 13th, 9 pm EST

happy bidding.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

ebay {holiday} dresses: ending TODAY!

as i was searching ebay today looking for ONE dress to show you, i found myself clicking on link after link of absolutely beautiful dresses. below, i present you with the best, all ending today.

black velvet

i love velvet for this time of year. this dress is fancy, but the crochet detail makes it a bit more casual and carefree. love the combination!

white heat

this dress is drop dead gorgeous. it would be amazing for new year's eve paired with a vintage fur bolero! {oh, and it's backless too!}

red and gold

i know, i know...this is the same model from above. two dresses from the same seller in one post is pretty lame, but i couldn't NOT show you this dress. look at those sleeve buttons. and the gold brocade! i die.

green goddess

this dress would look amazing on anyone. the lines are simple, the cut is flattering, the length is trendy, and the color is festive. i'm calling this the perfect holiday dress!

if you're interested in any of these dresses, click on the photo to get to the ebay auction.

happy bidding!

i'm back.

at the strong urging of a couple of really good friends, i've decided to give blogging another go. a lot has changed in my life recently and i'm trying to focus on being more, well, focused. for me, this means actually setting life goals, finding the happy medium between being carefree and responsible, and figuring out who i really am.

expect a lot more from me. very soon.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

eBay dress of the day: Low and High

so today, i couldn't choose just one dress. i came across two that i love and they are very similar (light weight, flowy, nearly nothing) however, one has no bids yet and one has a BILLION. i've already told you that i have no desire to wear clothes in this heat, but i would consider wearing either of these.

price: $9.99
bids: 0
end time: july 8th, 9:00 pm EST

price: $188.50
bids: 27
end time: july 8th, 10:00 pm EST
(oh and it's Dior!)

happy bidding.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

eBay (un)dress of the day

...sort of.

there is no eBay dress of the day today because it is too effing hot in NYC to wear ANYTHING!

so i leave you with a picture of an infinity pool in tahiti. that's where i'd love to be.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

eBay dress of the day.

the dress today is light weight, fluttery, and smattered with lovely details.

price: $13.00
bids: 3
end time: july 6th, 12:32 pm EST

happy bidding.

current obsession: silk

silk is the only thing i can think about wearing right now, in the early-july heat of new york city. it is so refreshing to have the cool, slinky texture next to my skin that i never want to take it off. i've scavenged ebay to find a few lovely numbers to make your lazy lounging more luxurious.

purple haze

such a great color and bohemian flare that would make any girl happy (especially a fair skinned red head {cough}).

sassy stripes

just love that both of these dresses have two patterns going on. the textured stripe with a larger, overall print. so intriguing.

lengthy wonders

long, full, floral, silky...what's there not to love? (especially the golden dress!)

exotic elegance

feel like you've been rushed away to some far-off place to do your lounging in the sun.

blushing beauties

this is it. barely there pink, sparkles, flouncy fit. i'm sold.

happy bidding.