Wednesday, December 22, 2010

looking for some warmth

recently, i've posted a couple of warm weather dresses (even though it's the beginning of winter here in brooklyn). i just can't help daydreaming about leaving this cold, windy city and finding a warm spot somewhere to do nothing for a while. decadent, luxurious, wonderful nothing.

so, i bring you more warm weather dresses from ebay just in case you're going on a tropical holiday and need to look amazing. (also, please take me with you...)

the maldives

beautifully printed, comfy, crisp cotton to wear while lounging on the hammock of your private villa ON the indian ocean. which, btw, is the exact color of that first skirt.


so i know it's still illegal for american's to visit cuba, but there's got to be some way around it. once i figure it out, i'm packing all the brightly colored, sheer layered dresses i can into a suitcase and heading to old havana!


black is cool. sheer, lacy black is even cooler. these vintage dresses have just the right amount of edge to look hip and urban in a warm australian metropolis.


when in hawaii, one must dress head to toe in flowers. there's just no two ways about it.

happy bidding!

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