Sunday, April 27, 2008

*finally* got me that yellow dress!

i found this dress this morning while compiling my ebay roundup for the week and loved it. i just couldn't resist that crochet detailing. i was *only slightly* worried about the hip measurements of the dress so i didn't stalk it like i normally would...i typically only bid within the last minute of an auction, but with this dress i placed the bid within the last 3 hours! i also placed a low bid and convinced myself that if i didn't win it i didn't need it. well i did win it...for $11.50! yay for the cosmos wanting me to have a new dress!

ending soon

here's my weekly crop of amazing dresses on ebay. i have many more this week than normally because there were just too many great dresses to choose from. since the weather has gotten warmer i don't even want to have to think about getting dressed. i just want to throw on a beautiful vintage dress and be fabulous.

let me know if you win any of these dresses! just click on the photo to get to the auction.

the arty

complex geometric design and asymmetry make these two dresses stand out from your everyday sundress.

the boldly colored

the crisp, clean lines and bright, saturated colors on these dresses are gorgeous. i really love the minimalist feather design on the cheongsam dress.

the caftan

super comfy and super stunning! wearing a caftan is a sure way to look like a goddess but never look like you tried.

the dolly

i really fell in love with the girly details of these dresses. *puffed sleeves, large sash tied in a bow, ruffled skirt. yum!* the mixed prints on the dress on the right are completely unexpected...and thoroughly welcomed!

the hippy dippy

i tend to stay away from the hippy dresses because i'm...well...hippy *a little larger in the hips.* the dresses never seem to fit me and my small waist well, but these two were too gorgeous not to show you.

the micro-mini

high neckline and high hemline with precious detailing = perfection. *why is she making a fish face at us?*

the mushroomed

these magical mushroom print dresses are so much fun. the soft color palette makes them very unassuming, but the quirky pattern still manages to catch the eye. trippy!

the psychedelic

bright and crazy are my ideals for summer. who wouldn't have fun in one of these dresses? *!?* i love the scoop back on the maxi dress.

the superhero

i like to imagine the likes of hellcat or tigra wearing that caftan at home *in their jungle lair* while hosting a fabulous superhero cocktail party. and of course, the green dress is a nod to the riddler...maybe she's the riddler's daughter???

happy bidding!

Friday, April 25, 2008

i am loving...

yarborough jewelry. i found the company randomly while reading my monthly email installment of the JC report and fell madly in love.

the fall/winter 2007 collection is punctuated with great portrait-like photos of poultry...

while the spring/summer 2008 collection is litered with photos of great vintage cars.

the presentation is so much fun...but the actual jewelry is better. i love the diy quality of many of the pieces and find it just as inspirational for future projects as i find myself lusting after the pieces themselves.

the last photo really reminds me of some of the cupcake diary's stuff.

i am not normally taken by jewelry, but i really love this stuff. if any jewelry makers out there are feeling particularly generous, i would love a vintage leather button necklace!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

random blog tuesday

so this isn't exactly random...because i know the author of the blog. but it is random to you! *and that is all that matters.*

operation night brace is a tragically funny blog about a couple struggling with debt. below is the blurb from the "about us" section on the site.

We’re Gareth and Amy and we’re in a race to pay off $180,000 of debt in as quick a time as possible. We’re not your most conveniental couple so this won’t be the most conventional blog. Perhaps you are reading this because you know us, perhaps you are reading it because you are in debt yourself – either way we hope you find the adventure we are heading off on interesting and inspiring. For truth, love and student loans.

it is both inspirational and romantic. check it out!

repurposing...yet again!

one of my personal goals is to always be ready to adapt and change. if something isn't fitting right in my life, i want to have the ability to fix it.

i have used the past month or so as an experiment to see what really peaks my interest enough to share it with you. that is why i haven't posted in a few days. i am working on repurposing the blog *or rather narrowing the focus and altering it slightly.*

more to come...with a full overhaul soon *hopefully.*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

obsession with yellow

i need a yellow sundress. period. here are the ones i like on ebay.

the lacy

the fruited

the quirky collared

i won't fight you for them if you love them. happy bidding.

thirsty thursday

i don't know if this blogging day of the week will be a regular installment here, but i had something i wanted to share. *and i love alliteration.*

i have these friends from college who make random videos to post on youtube. they do these food reviews of "weird food" from the grocery. the one i'm sharing with you today is a review of chelada...a budwiser mixed with clamato juice *clam and tomato juice = vomit*

it is hilarious. and i don't just think that because i went to school with them...i got an impartial opinion from my honey who doesn't know them from i know it is funny. just watch it.


"i'll never get it." illustration from explodingdog.

i have been in kind of an inspirational rut lately. sad...i know. anyone have something to share? anything is welcome.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

not so random blog tuesday

"she says I like long walks and sci-fi movies. you're six foot tall and east coast bred. some lonely night we can get together, and I'm gonna tie your wrists with leather, and drill a tiny hole into your head." andrew bird, fake palindromes

go read andrew bird's guest blog for the ny times, measure for measure. seriously. * i know i've already posted today about a random blog, but this is totally different.* below is the blurb in the about section of the blog...just to pique your interest.

"With music now available with a single, offhand click, it's easy to forget that songs are not born whole, polished and ready to play. They are created by artists who draw on some combination of craft, skill and inspiration. In the coming weeks, the contributors to this blog -- all accomplished songwriters -- will pull back the curtain on the creative process as they write about their work on a songs in the making."
right now, i can't stop listening to his album the mysterious production of eggs. i keep trying to listen to other things but i find myself getting frustrated because it just isn't what i want to listen to. so i always go back. it's a vice.

random blog tuesday

all you could ever want to know about ramen. check it out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

are you brave enough...

to wear palazzo pants?
i really love these i found on ebay...but i just don't know if i can work it into my wardrobe. the print is really interesting though.

the big decision

recently, i decided to grow my bangs last night. i've had them for a while, so i have never really thought about the general shape of my eyebrows. also, one of my eyebrows has a weird cowlick in it, but that is neither here nor there.

now i'm thinking about having them waxed, but i want to keep them full. i'm terrified that if i go to my beauty parlor this *below* will happen.

pencil thin mustaches may be adorably retro *maybe not*...but i can't do pencil thin eyebrows.

i found some pictures of eyebrows that i like and they really don't look all that different from mine. just a little more refined.

is this something i should attempt at home? *!?!* some encouragement one way or the other would be greatly appreciated.


just in case your monday is super slow...or super is some virtual bubble wrap for you to play with. you can pop pop pop all the way til tuesday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a little reward

i won the dress!!! i have really been looking for a full skirted floral dress for the spring...and incidentally have been trying to work more purple into my wardrobe. the tuxedo ruffle on this dress really makes it stand out from other dresses with this shape. and i love the boat neckline. perfection!