Thursday, April 10, 2008

juice boxes for adults

last night, i went to see the new rolling stones concert movie, shine a imax. i was absolutely overwhelmed the entire time. it is amazing. see it. now. with that being said, i can move on.

we decided it would be a good idea to sneak some booze into the theatre...and it was *it always is!* my friend brandi was searching for some cold champagne in a can that we could drink during the mick jagger/buddy guy duet champagne and reefer. we never found any that was cold, but we picked some up anyway.
i have never heard of Sofia, this wonderous gift from the gods *and francis ford coppola* but it is my new favorite...specifically because i am a sucker for smart design. the precious pink can comes with a flexy straw attached at the side, a la capri sun. it is such a great treat and would be wonderful for picnics...or life in general.

between my new found love of both sofia and charlie watts, i was one happy girl.

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