Monday, April 07, 2008

more spring

here are some yummy spring recipes that food bloggers have been posting on can't wait to try these. just click on the photo to get to the recipe.

creamy spring salad from curiously ravenous.

pappardelle with broad beans and rocket from spittoon.

fish tacos with salsa verde and radish salad from the bitten word.

creamy lemon pasta from we are never full.

asparagus gruyere tart from under the high chair.

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We Are Never Full said...

thanks so much for the mention of our blog, but i've gotta say, i've had a really great time poking around your blog. you're super creative and i like your style! thanks for taking me away from food blogs for a bit. and we're both in brooklyn... love the 'urban backyard photo shoot'... i totally relate!