Thursday, July 08, 2010

eBay dress of the day: Low and High

so today, i couldn't choose just one dress. i came across two that i love and they are very similar (light weight, flowy, nearly nothing) however, one has no bids yet and one has a BILLION. i've already told you that i have no desire to wear clothes in this heat, but i would consider wearing either of these.

price: $9.99
bids: 0
end time: july 8th, 9:00 pm EST

price: $188.50
bids: 27
end time: july 8th, 10:00 pm EST
(oh and it's Dior!)

happy bidding.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

eBay (un)dress of the day

...sort of.

there is no eBay dress of the day today because it is too effing hot in NYC to wear ANYTHING!

so i leave you with a picture of an infinity pool in tahiti. that's where i'd love to be.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

eBay dress of the day.

the dress today is light weight, fluttery, and smattered with lovely details.

price: $13.00
bids: 3
end time: july 6th, 12:32 pm EST

happy bidding.

current obsession: silk

silk is the only thing i can think about wearing right now, in the early-july heat of new york city. it is so refreshing to have the cool, slinky texture next to my skin that i never want to take it off. i've scavenged ebay to find a few lovely numbers to make your lazy lounging more luxurious.

purple haze

such a great color and bohemian flare that would make any girl happy (especially a fair skinned red head {cough}).

sassy stripes

just love that both of these dresses have two patterns going on. the textured stripe with a larger, overall print. so intriguing.

lengthy wonders

long, full, floral, silky...what's there not to love? (especially the golden dress!)

exotic elegance

feel like you've been rushed away to some far-off place to do your lounging in the sun.

blushing beauties

this is it. barely there pink, sparkles, flouncy fit. i'm sold.

happy bidding.

Monday, July 05, 2010

eBay dress of the day.

the dress today is so perfect for summer, when you want nothing more to look long and lean, effortlessly cool, and subtly sexy.

price: $41.00
bids: 8
end time: july 5th, 10:00 pm EST

happy bidding.