Friday, December 28, 2012

one pound fish (six for five!)

i hope this is some kind of weird, british television commercial that i just don't understand...

last of the season

my starbucks next to work is out of the caramel brulee syrup for my favorite holiday latte.  this was very distressing news to hear ("we'll have it back next christmas" she said to me.  ugh.).  however, this morning a train diverted my typical route to work and i stopped at another starbucks.  i was hopeful.  and they did, in fact, still have that treasured syrup.  now i'm mentally preparing for this to be the last of the season.  and it tastes so good.  mmmmm

Thursday, December 27, 2012

a fortune

"doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life." said an insightful fortune cookie at lunch.  ben and i agree that this must mean that my ukulele career is going to take off. 


this morning laura brought in jalapeno mustard that she made with her pops over christmas break (RIP christmas break).  the only option we had was to clean out the 7/11 of hot dogs to use as a vessel for this amazing mustard.  best mid-morning snack ever. 

my first attempt

she and him - sentimental heart

Friday, January 28, 2011

it's all in the details.

we're all girls here (i think). so we can openly admit how we gush about and lust after every piece on the pages of the newest anthropologie catalog we just got in the mail. we fawn over every photo shoot we see on their website. we scavenge the "fresh cuts" section of the sale page to score said lusted after pieces at a reasonable price.

and have you heard the latest?

starting february 14th (how romantic), they are introducing their wedding line. let the rejoicing begin!!!

yes, i confess, i went to the sneak peak website immediately. and continued to dream of the lovely pieces that were hinted at in the photos. BUT WAIT!...i told myself. you love vintage, too. WE love vintage, too. what we love about vintage is the uniqueness, the quality, the details. and that is exactly what we love about anthro dresses too.

the uniqueness, the quality, the details!

so, as a bit of a rebuttal to the debuting anthro wedding line, i bring you my picks of equally lust-worthy wedding garb from ebay. you can thank me later.

whimsically woven

i've featured this dress before, and i was astonished to see that it is still on ebay. i absolutely love it. the open, metallic knit. the ribbon straps (and stitching throughout the dress). it's just too beautiful!

drapey goodness

the cut of this dress is super modern. and the details are so elegant. broomstick pleating. wavy hem. beaded fringe. gorgeous.

short and sassy

okay, this would be one SEXY bride. while this dress is super-duper short, the details are so sweet. lace and swiss dots. perfect balance achieved.

elegant minimalism

this dress is all about the texture. you're gonna have to be super slim to pull off the cut, but, WOW, is it stunning.

storybook romance

romance just oozes out of this dress. the silky fabric. the lacy collar. the ribbons. ROMANCE!

charming crochet

a dress that is fully crocheted is just so special. even if this dress wasn't handmade, it took time to make. lots of time. throw a vintage slip under it for a special beach wedding (and a bikini under it for the reception!).

casually colorful

if you want something more cheery than the average neutral color wedding dress, this one fits the bill. i love the ruffle collar and the grosgrain bow belt. this one looks like it came right off the pages of that anthro catalog already!

{happy bidding!}

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

looking for some warmth

recently, i've posted a couple of warm weather dresses (even though it's the beginning of winter here in brooklyn). i just can't help daydreaming about leaving this cold, windy city and finding a warm spot somewhere to do nothing for a while. decadent, luxurious, wonderful nothing.

so, i bring you more warm weather dresses from ebay just in case you're going on a tropical holiday and need to look amazing. (also, please take me with you...)

the maldives

beautifully printed, comfy, crisp cotton to wear while lounging on the hammock of your private villa ON the indian ocean. which, btw, is the exact color of that first skirt.


so i know it's still illegal for american's to visit cuba, but there's got to be some way around it. once i figure it out, i'm packing all the brightly colored, sheer layered dresses i can into a suitcase and heading to old havana!


black is cool. sheer, lacy black is even cooler. these vintage dresses have just the right amount of edge to look hip and urban in a warm australian metropolis.


when in hawaii, one must dress head to toe in flowers. there's just no two ways about it.

happy bidding!

ebay dress of the day

today's dress is absolutely gorgeous. the sparkly brocade is perfect for the holiday season, but could easily transition into early spring. also, i kind of want to see it layered with some more casual pieces. like, a cute crew neck sweater underneath and ribbed sweater tights. just imagine!

price: $82.00
bids: 8
end time: december 22th, 9:50 pm EST

happy bidding!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ebay dress of the day

this dress is so perfect for new year's eve. i love the large pailettes stripes so much! the dress is union-made from the 60s and seems to still be in amazing condition. while horizontal stripes are difficult to pull off, the right girl would look amazing in this dress. also, the measurements are a bit bigger, so depending on how you want it to fit, it works on lots of different figures.

price: $19.99
bids: 0
end time: december 21th, 9:11 pm EST

happy bidding!

Monday, December 20, 2010

two new finds

it has actually been a very long time since i've purchased a dress on ebay. i've been trying to simplify my life and the first thing to get scrutinized was my closet. i got rid of a lot of stuff, but i just couldn't bring myself to get rid of any of my vintage dresses. so, in order to keep my closet manageable and still hold on to my treasures, i stopped buying things on ebay.

however, since starting this blog up again, i've been spending a good amount of my free time perusing ebay to find the best pieces to show you. sometimes i just can't muster enough will power to say no when i chance upon the perfect little something. take these two dresses for example:

the polka dot dress fits me like a dream. it's a thick poly, union-made dress from the 60s and is fully lined (including the two pockets on the front of the dress!). the quality is impeccable and the dress is certainly a head turner...just don't look too long or you'll go cross-eyed. (i only think it a little odd that this is something that makes me like a dress more...)

the teal number is stunning on. it is also a poly fabric, but is much lighter and silkier than the first dress. the empire bust is super flattering and the skirt just gracefully flows all the way down to my ankles. oh, AND IT HAS A HOOD! it makes me feel like a badass-medieval-princess-assassin and it's super fun!

the very best part??? i got both dresses for a total of $50.

now i ask you, how could i resist?

ebay dress of the day

it's very very cold here in brooklyn and the dress today is exactly what i want to be wearing right now...on a tropical island in the south pacific. don't get me wrong, i love layers and chunky knits, velvet and corduroy, toboggans and galoshes, but in my daydreams, this is the dress i wear.

price: $14.99
bids: 0
end time: december 20th, 8:50 pm EST

happy bidding!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ebay dress of the day

so i think the dress today is going to need a little bit of explaining - or styling rather. before i do that, take a look:

price: $24.00
bids: 0
end time: december 16th, 1:04 am EST

at first glance, it is a fury of color and pattern, and while i'm naturally drawn to that, i understand others aren't. BUT, i believe this dress could happily live and be worn in every woman's wardrobe, with a few considerations. the cut, fabric and condition are fabulous, so it just comes down to being comfortable with the color and print. here's what i think you could do:

  1. wear it under a fitted black blazer with black tights and boots. if it's the only color you're wearing and part of it is covered, this dress will look much less outrageous. (also, that ascot is just begging to be tied in a big bow. it would be adorable poking out above the blazer's collar and you would need to wear a necklace!)
  2. pair it with a high-waisted black (leather, ooooh) pencil skirt. this dress could easily be worn as a top if the skirt is long enough to cover the hem. and again, the less you show of the actual dress, the less crazy it will look.
  3. hike up the hemline. i feel like you can get away with more vivacious color if the dress is shorter. take this dress to a tailor and have a couple of inches chopped off. then wear it as a tunic with jeans or leggings or a cute mini with tights.
  4. wear it under a long, neutral colored sweater coat or fitted crew neck. this is the same idea as the blazer, but the knit would make it look more casual.
  5. or, just wear it as a dress. i think it's pretty fantastic exactly the way it is!
happy bidding!