Friday, December 28, 2012

one pound fish (six for five!)

i hope this is some kind of weird, british television commercial that i just don't understand...

last of the season

my starbucks next to work is out of the caramel brulee syrup for my favorite holiday latte.  this was very distressing news to hear ("we'll have it back next christmas" she said to me.  ugh.).  however, this morning a train diverted my typical route to work and i stopped at another starbucks.  i was hopeful.  and they did, in fact, still have that treasured syrup.  now i'm mentally preparing for this to be the last of the season.  and it tastes so good.  mmmmm

Thursday, December 27, 2012

a fortune

"doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life." said an insightful fortune cookie at lunch.  ben and i agree that this must mean that my ukulele career is going to take off. 


this morning laura brought in jalapeno mustard that she made with her pops over christmas break (RIP christmas break).  the only option we had was to clean out the 7/11 of hot dogs to use as a vessel for this amazing mustard.  best mid-morning snack ever. 

my first attempt

she and him - sentimental heart