Sunday, April 27, 2008

ending soon

here's my weekly crop of amazing dresses on ebay. i have many more this week than normally because there were just too many great dresses to choose from. since the weather has gotten warmer i don't even want to have to think about getting dressed. i just want to throw on a beautiful vintage dress and be fabulous.

let me know if you win any of these dresses! just click on the photo to get to the auction.

the arty

complex geometric design and asymmetry make these two dresses stand out from your everyday sundress.

the boldly colored

the crisp, clean lines and bright, saturated colors on these dresses are gorgeous. i really love the minimalist feather design on the cheongsam dress.

the caftan

super comfy and super stunning! wearing a caftan is a sure way to look like a goddess but never look like you tried.

the dolly

i really fell in love with the girly details of these dresses. *puffed sleeves, large sash tied in a bow, ruffled skirt. yum!* the mixed prints on the dress on the right are completely unexpected...and thoroughly welcomed!

the hippy dippy

i tend to stay away from the hippy dresses because i'm...well...hippy *a little larger in the hips.* the dresses never seem to fit me and my small waist well, but these two were too gorgeous not to show you.

the micro-mini

high neckline and high hemline with precious detailing = perfection. *why is she making a fish face at us?*

the mushroomed

these magical mushroom print dresses are so much fun. the soft color palette makes them very unassuming, but the quirky pattern still manages to catch the eye. trippy!

the psychedelic

bright and crazy are my ideals for summer. who wouldn't have fun in one of these dresses? *!?* i love the scoop back on the maxi dress.

the superhero

i like to imagine the likes of hellcat or tigra wearing that caftan at home *in their jungle lair* while hosting a fabulous superhero cocktail party. and of course, the green dress is a nod to the riddler...maybe she's the riddler's daughter???

happy bidding!


Sheryl Wong said...

argghhh i saw this entry too late and the bidding for the green and white "arty" dress has ended...argghh

AlicePleasance said...

Too late too for the first dress

I love this kind of posts!