Friday, April 25, 2008

i am loving...

yarborough jewelry. i found the company randomly while reading my monthly email installment of the JC report and fell madly in love.

the fall/winter 2007 collection is punctuated with great portrait-like photos of poultry...

while the spring/summer 2008 collection is litered with photos of great vintage cars.

the presentation is so much fun...but the actual jewelry is better. i love the diy quality of many of the pieces and find it just as inspirational for future projects as i find myself lusting after the pieces themselves.

the last photo really reminds me of some of the cupcake diary's stuff.

i am not normally taken by jewelry, but i really love this stuff. if any jewelry makers out there are feeling particularly generous, i would love a vintage leather button necklace!

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The Clothes Horse said...

That jewelry is really lovely, dramatic and original. So nice.