Monday, April 14, 2008

the big decision

recently, i decided to grow my bangs last night. i've had them for a while, so i have never really thought about the general shape of my eyebrows. also, one of my eyebrows has a weird cowlick in it, but that is neither here nor there.

now i'm thinking about having them waxed, but i want to keep them full. i'm terrified that if i go to my beauty parlor this *below* will happen.

pencil thin mustaches may be adorably retro *maybe not*...but i can't do pencil thin eyebrows.

i found some pictures of eyebrows that i like and they really don't look all that different from mine. just a little more refined.

is this something i should attempt at home? *!?!* some encouragement one way or the other would be greatly appreciated.


ihearthighheels said...

No--no home waxing ESPECIALLY if you haven't done it before. It's dangerous and messy, IMHO.

A cheap option would just to go to your local nail salon, which I do for a quick fix. I usually just ask them to clean it up so they get rid of strays (on top, bottom and middle) and know to keep the natural shape.

Or you can go to a esthetician at a spa, which is obviously pricier but the experience is more thorough with a wax, trim and pluck.

The choice is yours!

xoxo, *g*

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm all about home maintenence. I've never had my eyebrows professionally done and I actually get compliments on them pretty frequently. Tiny brows are a no!

Robert Murray said...

Go light on the shaping. Few people can pull off super thin eyebrows without looking like robots.

And for the record, I LOVE your eyebrow cowlick. Love it.

Anonymous said...

i would say to just go to a beauty parlor...and tell your stylist to just wax them but not too thin...they need to look natural. also u can just get a general eyebrow shaping done. i am a beautician myself and depending on your age is how you would decide on you shape and size. i would suggest if you're young to just ge a natural looking arch for your brow. if you are a little older...i would suggest getting a little thinner but not too thin like you see all of these celebs doing...and get a nice shape. i really do like the brows that u showed in the pics above. if u could print that pic out and bring it to your stylist. and tell them which style you want. i have clients all the time that bring in pictures of the brows that they want and i do them perfectly according to the i hope you took the time to read my suggestions. thank you for your time. good luck with your eyebrows!!! i reall do wish you the best of luck with life! so long!