Tuesday, April 15, 2008

not so random blog tuesday

"she says I like long walks and sci-fi movies. you're six foot tall and east coast bred. some lonely night we can get together, and I'm gonna tie your wrists with leather, and drill a tiny hole into your head." andrew bird, fake palindromes

go read andrew bird's guest blog for the ny times, measure for measure. seriously. *okay...so i know i've already posted today about a random blog, but this is totally different.* below is the blurb in the about section of the blog...just to pique your interest.

"With music now available with a single, offhand click, it's easy to forget that songs are not born whole, polished and ready to play. They are created by artists who draw on some combination of craft, skill and inspiration. In the coming weeks, the contributors to this blog -- all accomplished songwriters -- will pull back the curtain on the creative process as they write about their work on a songs in the making."
right now, i can't stop listening to his album the mysterious production of eggs. i keep trying to listen to other things but i find myself getting frustrated because it just isn't what i want to listen to. so i always go back. it's a vice.

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.girl ferment. said...

Suzy that album is one of my favourite albums in the world, ever. And fake palindromes one of my favourite songs.
Once you fall in love with Mr. Bird you can never go back. He is spectacular.