Monday, December 20, 2010

two new finds

it has actually been a very long time since i've purchased a dress on ebay. i've been trying to simplify my life and the first thing to get scrutinized was my closet. i got rid of a lot of stuff, but i just couldn't bring myself to get rid of any of my vintage dresses. so, in order to keep my closet manageable and still hold on to my treasures, i stopped buying things on ebay.

however, since starting this blog up again, i've been spending a good amount of my free time perusing ebay to find the best pieces to show you. sometimes i just can't muster enough will power to say no when i chance upon the perfect little something. take these two dresses for example:

the polka dot dress fits me like a dream. it's a thick poly, union-made dress from the 60s and is fully lined (including the two pockets on the front of the dress!). the quality is impeccable and the dress is certainly a head turner...just don't look too long or you'll go cross-eyed. (i only think it a little odd that this is something that makes me like a dress more...)

the teal number is stunning on. it is also a poly fabric, but is much lighter and silkier than the first dress. the empire bust is super flattering and the skirt just gracefully flows all the way down to my ankles. oh, AND IT HAS A HOOD! it makes me feel like a badass-medieval-princess-assassin and it's super fun!

the very best part??? i got both dresses for a total of $50.

now i ask you, how could i resist?

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