Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ebay dress of the day

so i think the dress today is going to need a little bit of explaining - or styling rather. before i do that, take a look:

price: $24.00
bids: 0
end time: december 16th, 1:04 am EST

at first glance, it is a fury of color and pattern, and while i'm naturally drawn to that, i understand others aren't. BUT, i believe this dress could happily live and be worn in every woman's wardrobe, with a few considerations. the cut, fabric and condition are fabulous, so it just comes down to being comfortable with the color and print. here's what i think you could do:

  1. wear it under a fitted black blazer with black tights and boots. if it's the only color you're wearing and part of it is covered, this dress will look much less outrageous. (also, that ascot is just begging to be tied in a big bow. it would be adorable poking out above the blazer's collar and you would need to wear a necklace!)
  2. pair it with a high-waisted black (leather, ooooh) pencil skirt. this dress could easily be worn as a top if the skirt is long enough to cover the hem. and again, the less you show of the actual dress, the less crazy it will look.
  3. hike up the hemline. i feel like you can get away with more vivacious color if the dress is shorter. take this dress to a tailor and have a couple of inches chopped off. then wear it as a tunic with jeans or leggings or a cute mini with tights.
  4. wear it under a long, neutral colored sweater coat or fitted crew neck. this is the same idea as the blazer, but the knit would make it look more casual.
  5. or, just wear it as a dress. i think it's pretty fantastic exactly the way it is!
happy bidding!

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jill said...

I sent this post to my friend Erica, she loves bright colors and prints!