Wednesday, March 12, 2008

repurposing the blog

after many failed attempts to both:

a. blog about my immensely interesting life, and
b. get my shit together

i decided that i could use this blog to help me get my interesting life shit together. i plan to login daily and update ToDo lists, write about my day to come or my day which has passed, and post pictures of my precious kitty. *i promise i will try to keep kitty pictures to a minimum.*

"why not just keep a journal, at home, on your bedside table?", you ask. "why did she decide to share her struggles of becoming an adult with the whole world?", you wonder. TWO REASONS:

1. i am saving paper, thus helping the environment, and
2. so YOU can help keep me on target (if there are, indeed, any of YOU out there.)

so here goes.


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