Monday, March 24, 2008

stuck on spring

it seems to be all i can talk about lately. i am totally, 100% ready for spring. warm spring. i know that it is actually spring now, here in the US, but y'all...brooklyn just isn't warm yet.

my honey and i have a great dynamic. he talks to me about obscure movie stuff *see his blog here* and i talk to him about my spring/summer wardrobe. both of us just nod and smile as the other is talking...but it is nice to share. we both love food there's the common bond.

now i'm not always fashion centric...and that isn't my intention for this blog *although it may be a large part of it* but i just have to talk about more things for spring. yesterday we talked about it's footwear. specifically, gladiator sandals.

i think these strappy, large ankle flattering shoes *...maybe i have large ankles* would be perfect with any spring or summer dress that i listed yesterday. i plan on getting multiple pairs. i've listed my favorites below.

the uniform

these are shoes i would wear every single day. these shoes would make me keep up a pedicure. these shoes are perfect *i think.*
left: jeffery campbell - tip 2. right: farylrobin - warrior.

the bright

everyone needs a little bit of color in their wardrobe...and i need a lot more than most. i want a pair of these sandals in every color of the rainbow.
left: j. renee - jules. right: marc by marc jacobs - metallic flat sandals.

the dressy

i love dressy flats. i've always been tall...and my honey isn't the tallest guy, so these flats are right up my alley.
left: via spiga - undo. right: sam edelman - ginger.

the modest but not modestly priced

these sandals are simple and expensive. not my personal taste...but they have to be super nice. thought i would throw them in the mix.
left: pedro garcia - thea. right: dolce & gabbana - flat gladiator sandal.

the wacky

i like unconventional accessories. paired with something simple, these surprising shoes would look amazing. who doesn't want to be the center of attention?
left: jean paul gaultier - calf leather galdiator sandal. right: laura brandon - gladiator.

let me know what you think!


Krissy said...

Thanks for the comment, and oh how I envy you! Totally loving the laura brandon - gladiators...

AlicePleasance said...

Gladiators are great! The last pair is totally unconventional and wonderful :-)