Sunday, March 23, 2008

spring dresses on ebay

i obsessively troll ebay for amazing, one of a kind finds because i no longer have the wonderfully cheap, fabulously under picked thrift stores of south carolina to troll. i have gathered my favorite floral dresses from the lot *and it was hard now that almost everyone has a fashion mag inspired vintage shop.* i hope you love them too because...well i can't bid on them all! just click on the photo to get to the auction.

the nude

i love these dresses because it *almost* doesn't look like they are wearing dresses. it just looks like they are covered in soft, romantic flowers. who doesn't want to look naked?

the bright

these dresses play to my sensibilities for spring/summer. right now i want everything in my wardrobe to be bright and floral. and there is nothing like the bright floral pop of a 70's mini *or even better, 70's maxi* dress.

the ethnic

when you can't travel to a tropical destination you can at least dress like you did. these ethnic minis would be best worn in a villa on the beaches of bali...but that is just wishful thinking for me. *i simply adore the brown and turquoise mini caftan. perfection!*

the geometric *not floral...but fun!*

these dresses utilize a basic form to provide eye popping pattern. i especially love the way these models have paired bright tights with boldly designed dresses *which would allow me to wear my beloved spring dresses in the very chilly early spring when the last thing that i want to put on is another...eww...sweater.*

let me know if you happen to be the lucky winner of any of these dresses.

happy bidding!


The Clothes Horse said...

The mini caftan is amazing. I'm always trolling eBay looking for finds...but I hate those eBay outbidders!

.girl ferment. said...

Nice finds Suzy. Especially love the green 60's mod number and both those geometrics, popping with coloured tights. (I love love love tights).
Listen what size do you wear as I may be able to find something at my local op-shop for part of your pay it forward package?

Sheryl Wong said...

I was so inspired by what you found that I started looking through ebay again! Although it gets frustrating sometimes because the sizes are usually extra small or small, I hope to find goodies!

WendyB said...

I love the second geometric dress.

AlicePleasance said...

Two of these dresses are already on my watching list ;-)

Kirsty said...

Here from girl ferment. These are really gorgeous - all of them. Good spotting.