Saturday, March 15, 2008

thank you for being a friend

yesterday afternoon i managed to cross one really fulfilling item off my ToDo list. robert got home early from work and we goofed off on the couch for hours. it wasn't nearly as grown up and fun as it might sound.

what could sustain our interest for that long? VIRTUAL MAKEOVERS! *!?!*
i grabbed the only photo i could find where i am alone in a picture looking straight on at the camera. unfortunately, it was from my sophomore year in college where i convinced myself i looked adorable with very blond, very wavy, very long hair. and i looked like a a pig and a chipmunk had a baby with big blond hair. and try as i might, some old hair residue remained on the image. but i think the results are very satisfying regardless.

robert got so excited about the program that he insisted we take a picture of him so he could play too. and honestly, it was worth all the effort just to see how many of the hairstyles were unisex.
this went on so long we were almost late to the burlesque show. so...we threw on our dandiest and ran out the door.

the show was really one of the strongest in a while...and the shows are always good. in one of my favorite numbers of the night, anita cookie wore trash and danced to a sesame street song sung by oscar the grouch. it was fantastic.

the host, gigi la femme, won my vote for best moment of the night though. decked out in one of her most gorgeous, booty hugging, floor length, green sequined gowns, she made a comment as she hobbled up onto the stage (because of the restrictive nature of the dress, mind you) about walking just like a golden girl. at this moment, the entire bar began singing the theme song from golden girls and did not quit until it was finished. i was amazed at the sheer volume of people who knew all the words. i was also ashamed...because all i knew was "thank you for being a friend..."

look at the scorn in bea arthur's eyes. she is ashamed of me too.

then the cops came...and it was over...and i got disco fries...and i fell asleep late and hard.

this morning i woke up to a gloriously sunny day, miserably hung over. if i were not in this retched state i don't think i would have been able to come up with the single most pleasing thing i have done for as long as i can remember...i'm gonna recreate the scene, complete with inner monologue for you, so we can be on the same page.

i lie in bed, still possibly drunk, recalling the events from the previous day.

oh wow...there is no way i am making it to brunch this morning. hahaha. virtual makeovers. that was crazy. what a good show last night. let's see. can i remember the numbers? nasty was a pirate hooker and...oh she did the dance to the imperial death march. gigi did the ghetto number and her new gold fan dance...hahaha. golden girls. ha. hm. ohmygodohmygodohmygod. HOLY SHIT!

and then this happened.

what could be better than that?

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