Friday, March 14, 2008

national potato chip day!!! i thought i was done posting for the day but then i get this email from kettle chips *yes, i am on their mailing list...don't judge...they absolutely count as grown up indulgences* telling me it is national potato chip day. SERIOUSLY. i couldn't imagine a more perfectly unnecessary thing to celebrate.

so let's celebrate. below i've listed my favorite kettle brand chips and why i like them so much.

KRINKLE CUT DILL & SOUR CREAM: the dill and sour cream krinkle chips are my go-to chip. i don't know if it is because they come in a bigger bag than some of the other flavors, but it is definitely a staple. i love the extra crunch from the krinkle cut and the dill is such a wonderfully underused herb on potato chips. yum!

CHEDDAR BEER: ...really? this is the best. i love cheese. seriously, cheese is my very favorite food. over everything else. and cheddar is the top. so with my favorite cheese being the focus of this flavor i had to try it. and it's great. i like beer...i don't love it. but i do happen to love beer and cheddar soup thanks to an irish pub near where i went to college. and they served it with homemade potato chips. it tasted exactly like these chips...except the chips aren't hot and gooey. but they could be. mmm.

NEW YORK CHEDDAR WITH HERBS: this is a gimme. i mean, come on.

1. cheese.
2. herbs.
3. new york.

check, check and check.

SEA SALT & VINEGAR: sea salt and vinegar is my favorite of their everyday flavors. i really like the way they describe them on the bag..."unconventionally strong and tangy." it's totally true. kettle chips takes a regular store brand flavor and makes it divine. and you know they use really good salt and vinegar. double perfect.

below are three delicious sounding flavors that i have yet to try...but should get off my lazy ass and do so. it's national chip day for the love of all things holy!

BACKYARD BARBEQUE: i imagine this is another store brand flavor that the kettle company has taken to an entirely new level. i'm there.

TUSCAN THREE CHEESE: three cheeses. yeah that's okay.

KRINKLE CUT BUFFALO BLEU: i think i have an unnatural affection for all things spicy. my favorite snack as of late has been texas pete *the very best hot sauce!* on saltine crackers. now i know it sounds a little redneck but it satisfies my craving for the tongue burning crunch that i have daily. and don't think the people in my life understand this. i get crazy weird reactions from them. these chips could totally replace the texas pete smothered saltines and i would no longer be a snack time pariah. oh...and they use cheese too. A+++

i hope i have inspired you, or at least made you hungry. if you do nothing else some potato chips. i know i will. *oh that's going on the ToDo list.*

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