Friday, September 12, 2008

umbrellas for your feet

oh, how i have longed for the old galoshes i had as a child! whenever it would rain, i wouldn't worry about what shoes i had on because i knew i could shove my be-shoed foot into the nearly shapeless, oversized rubber boot and i could splash in the puddles all day long.

as an adult, i am constantly torn about which shoes to wear on rainy days. heels are dangerous, sneakers get soaked, and suede would be ruined forever. my rain shoe, as long as it is warm enough to wear them, is an old pair of rainbow flip flops (i figure a wet foot is better than a soaked shoe). then when the weather turns cold, it's a rather unattractive pair of duck boots.

UNTIL NOW! check these puppies out.

they are called shuellas. they fit over any shoe, including heels, and keep your feet completely dry during rain storms. i can hardly wait to carry them all over the city in my bag, just knowing that i am completely prepared for the next downpour.

1 comment:

AlicePleasance said...

Those are perfect! Like you, I wear flip flop as rain shoes too :-)