Monday, September 08, 2008

mod about ebay

my search on ebay continues. i have become obsessed with all things mod for the fall. mod hair, mod jewelery, mod dresses, mod dresses, mod dresses...(you get the idea, yeah?)

so, i have several new additions to my wardrobe to update you on.

the "perfectly suzy" dress

this dress is me up and down. i love the pattern, i love the colors, i love the cut. the measurements are mine exactly. i can't wait to wear this dress.

the "mod doesn't have to be crazy" dress

in my search for mod dresses, i have found myself drawn to the crazy patterns, the bright colors, and the bold lines. this dress has all the right details to be mod (knot at the neck, 3/4 sleeves, welt pockets, mini length) but is made in a rather understated grey wool. love it.

the "never going to want to take this off" dress

fit and flare, poly dress = super comfy
ambiguous fish scale/bird feather pattern = super fun
poly dress + scale/feather pattern = perfection

the "diamond in the rough" dress

now, we all know that this dress hasn't been photographed well at all and the mannequin is a little creepy, but i have hope in this dress. faith in THIS dress. it will be perfect on me. the fit will be great and the smocked neckline (which you can hardly see in the pictures) will be such a flattering detail. and i love the neon green! it's gonna work out...just you wait.

believe it or not i'm still waiting for a few more dresses to end. i will let you know how they turn out.


AlicePleasance said...

The blue dress is gorgeous!

.girl ferment. said...

love the top one.
i am going to a wedding in October and it is going to be so much fun searching ebay or the op shop for my outfit. (and a brown lounge suit for eb)