Thursday, September 11, 2008

perfect boots

i have been looking for the past three years for the pair of perfect boots. not just any "perfect" boot, but boots that meet all of these very specific requirements:

  1. flat
  2. brown leather
  3. pull on (no zipper)
  4. knee high
  5. fold over cuff
today, i think i have found them. i present to you the frye paige cuff boot.

now i have two dilemmas. first, can i really cough up $400 bucks for these beauties and second, how do i choose between dark brown and slate. (?!) see below. (drool.)


Dorothy said...

suzy, these boots are amazing. as much as i love the dark brown, the slate is very cool.

go for it! :)

Haven said...

The slate color is cool, but the brown will go with much more, nice boots!