Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things That Have Been Going on in My Life as of Late

In no particular order...

I went to my second job interview with a lighting company this past Tuesday. I am waiting to hear back from them, but it felt good.

A friend had a gallery opening last Saturday at PS 122 in the East Village, where he was an artist in residence for one year. The reception was the first time I have ever been on a roof in New York City. I saw the sunset.

I attended a burlesque show at a bar in my neighborhood. This is the second show I've seen there and both were absolutely amazing. I now harbor a small, discreet desire to become a burlesque dancer.

The "t" key on my keyboard is sticking and it is a bitch to type anything.

As a favor for a good friend, I was in an 8 minute short film that is being submitted to Sundance. I had one line, "Not so institutional." Those of you who know me know I am no actress, but I enjoyed being on the "glamour" side for once instead of being a techie.

I broke out in a vicious case of "long term hives." I had an allergic reaction to some unknown something, (most likely my cat.) I refuse to verbally admit that to anyone. I pretend the hives are freckles. It makes me feel better about the situation.

I have realized that the "t" key is possibly the most frequent keystroke I use when typing.

I went to a going away party for my friends, Paul and Nikki, who are moving to Scotland for a while. Paul got accepted to a furniture making program. I am in the early stages of planning a trip there for my birthday.

Because of the hives, I have been taking Benedryl. Because of the Benedryl, I have been sleeping a lot. Because of the drug induced sleep, I have been having crazy, drug induced dreams. Last night I was trying to save a sweatshirt from a summer camp, capture the flag style. My only enemy was one of those ghosty, screeching things from "Lord of the Rings."

I have been working a lot recently as an electrician. As a result, I am bruised, cut, and sore. It is 1000 times better than my last job as an administrative assistant.

Autumn is descending upon us quickly. I am falling in love with the concept of seasons.

My friend Jess recently moved to New York and it is wonderful to have someone to share things with again. Until I published this post, she was the only person, besides my boyfriend, who knew about my hives.

I am saving to buy a digital camera. These blog entries are on the verge of becoming much more visual.

I am happy here in New York. It is starting to feel comfortable.


mandy said...

Glad to hear that things are getting more "comfortable"! It's always, always - a great feeling. As is the fall :)

tripp said...

Canon for the win!