Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ready, Set, PHOTO!

This is a very big week for me. I have crossed two things off my "Coveting" list.

The first strike was "a great job."
I have been hired on as a sales rep for a theatrical lighting company here in the city. I will have health insurance and even a 401K. I could not be more thrilled. My boss appears to be a very good-natured man. I start October 9th.

The second, and most interesting, cross from the list was "a digital camera."
So, now I'm addicted to EBAY. My mother would have a thing or two to say about that, but we just won't tell her. If she catches wind of it, here's how the story goes.

Maybe I researched new digital cameras. And maybe I signed onto EBAY, just to browse, of course. And maybe I found a perfect camera. And bid on it. And WON IT! It was perfectly innocent and very rewarding *the bidding was intense y'all.*

My camera comes to me this Friday and I cannot wait to start snapping those moments that, up until now, would be great memories if I had not been too drunk to remember. It is true, the main purpose for my owning a digital camera is to document the time between my first drink and my head hitting the pillow.

I do, however, really want to document more than just crazy nights out and the occasional rowdy cookout.

I've become very intrigued with the idea of creating photo essays, a set of photos that conveys an idea or feeling. Maybe it is because I've been wanting a new camera for months, or maybe it is because I've felt the need to express myself more artistically. Regardless, I think this is the perfect occasion to have my very first, long awaited, LOVE, SUZY STYLE: CONTEST.

*read in cheezy DJ voice*
That's right folks, Suzy's very first contest. And you, creative reader, can be a part. Please submit titles or ideas for a photo essay in the comment section of this post. Suzy will choose the most interesting/feasible idea and create a photo essay based on that concept. If she gets no responses at all to this post, she will create her own concept and you can all go to hell.
*end DJ voice*

Either way, in a couple of weeks I will post the final draft. It may very well be based on crazy nights out and/or a rowdy cookout, but hopefully if you get involved, I'll branch out a bit from my usual subjects.

Oh, it is so exciting I can hardly stand it!

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tripp said...

Cool people have Canon's so it better be a Canon!