Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new american fashion?

my mom came to visit me in brooklyn last week for mother's day. the last time she visited it was her first trip to nyc, so we did the tourist thing...statue of liberty, times square, etc. i couldn't stand another visit like that *who wants to be mistaken for a tourist in their own city?* so we went it is our favorite past-time and, honestly, just about the only thing we can agree on.

my mother had me when she was 41. she is now 65 and has lived through so many fashion trends it boggles my mind. her favorite thing to say while we are shopping now is "anything goes." and really, when i look at fashion and street style blogs, i feel that is true.

ladylike 50s

fun, flirty early 60s

funky pop art late 60s

big and bold 70s *and baggy 40s suit*

70s rock and roll

80s badass

*all images from altamira nyc*

so...i've been thinking a lot about what defines fashion for this decade. i don't think that vintage clothes have ever been more popular. so are we blatantly stealing our style trademark for the 00s from the past? and if so, which past? is anything really cool? and what about new designers?

i came across one idea from designer Kai Kuhne in this month's installment of the JC report.

"...There's a new form of minimalism, from luxury day to an even more luxurious night—evening is the new day. The new chic transcends dated fashion rules into sophisticated freedom. For me, this is what the new American fashion is about."

let me know what you think!

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yiqin; said...

I like the 2nd outfit!