Tuesday, August 19, 2008

random blog tuesday

are you kidding me? apparently i'm one of the last people to know about the preteen blogging wonder, Tavi. (she was in T Magazine already, for crying out loud.)

check her out.

um...yeah she's 12. here's her blurb from her about me section.

Hi there! I'm Tavi, but when I make typing errors I'm Ysbo. Throughout my blog you will find small references to 80's films, as well as inside jokes that will at first come off as creepy, but will not compare to the creepiness of my Van Montgomery-esque smile. My dream haircut would be some type of cross between the YSL bowl cut and the hair of Daft Punk music video characters, with a little Bob Dylan. I'm married to a high schooler pirate. I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I totally dig his specs.
wish i had been that cool at 12.

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