Tuesday, June 17, 2008

random blog tuesday

i found bottom half nude through another cool site i read occasionally so i figured it couldn't be that bad...and i was totally wrong. it is great. it seems to just be entertaining blather from intelligent people with no real purpose...but i love it.

from the about section on the blog:

"Dear God, what have we done.

Semi clothed and sitting in a row in a large light filled space, Mary Pearls, Marty George and Benjita the Creaker became compelled to impart, well, what would otherwise simply go bandied around the workplace and perhaps slip through the nibble fingers of those who might also like to enjoy some of this nonsense. It’s just another blog, sure, nuts and natter and the like, but rather than just telling it to ourselves, we thought maybe you might like to take a peak too. Hold tight…"

check it out to waste some time and get fun things to email your bored friends.

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